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2) Are American Values Shaped by Mass Media?

January 25, 2012

If there is anything that makes sense in this world, it is the unspoken rule that stupid people are also stubborn. If someone is wise and open-minded, then the presentation of a new idea will be accepted and applied only if it is useful and relative to their life. Yes, there are gullible stupid people out there, but the majority of stupid Americans are quite set in their ways. So I say NO, Americans are either dead set on their values and ignore anything that contradicts with their beliefs, or they are comfortable with their beliefs, and will open up to a new idea or value if it is intelligent. Hirsch might say that television is “now our national medium,” but I disagree, the internet is now our national medium. The openness of the commons that is the internet means that people are free to have their own beliefs and values, and media that pushes a value upon someone is shunned. If anything is swayed by Mass Media, it is most likely by advertisements and commercials, our shopping habits fluctuate much more frequently than our sets of morality and values. Come on now. This is America, we’re not all from Alabama or North Carolina. Even us Texans have some sense sometimes.


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