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4) Miss Representation

February 11, 2012

As a man, I was ashamed to watch this movie. Has the modern society so objectified and belittled women to this point? And, more importantly, how the hell did they make it so subtle? I am embarrassed to say I have not noticed this trend before, and it is sickening to see this vast amount of sexism still prevalent within our society. I was especially worried about the lack of diversity within these advertisements, even though they were awful. Not only are women being objectified by the media, but women of color are being left out entirely, which is my opinion is incredibly troublesome. Women of color make up a large percentage of the American population, and to have them left out of advertising is racist and rude. However, I think women of any color should not have to have these ideas and trends forced upon them at any age, and to see what the media is showing our young girls of America is downright upsetting. I hope my daughter never has to deal with this problem. Although males are the minority, I have had an occasional experience with ridiculously high expectations presented in the media directed at my age/gender bracket. I do not find objectifying ads of men to be offensive, which is bad because that shows how much hyper-masculinity in media has desensitized me to this. I will occasionally stumble upon an ad on television for the newest workout gear, or hair products, or fashion item that tells me that I need to work out more, have better hair, and dress more expensive because if I don’t, I will not be considered attractive. I cannot imagine what women feel like being attacked by this all the time through the media and advertising. I am interested to find out what organizations protest and fight against this trend, and would possibly be interested in becoming involved with that. Miss Representation has shown me just how harsh the media can be towards women, especially young girls. No wonder so many teens are dealing with insecurity and depression. I look forward to talking further about this topic.


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