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5) Hip-Hop & Online Music Culture

February 25, 2012

For our next paper, I am using an article titled Building a Virtual Diaspora: Hip-Hop in Cyberspace by Andre Pinard. It is taken from the book Cybersounds: Essays on Virtual Music Culture, which covers a wide variety of topics concerning Online Music Culture. In the article, Pinard talks about the creation of online Hip-Hop Culture, and compares and contrasts it to traditional Music Culture of the previous decade. He says about half way through the article, “the transferring of Hip-Hop culture artifacts to the   magical world of the internet at first seemed like blasphemy and foolishness, but as Music Culture changed so did Hip-Hop Cullture” (Pinard 4). “By creating a vibrant and diverse online community of interactions, discussion, and sharing, Hip-Hop saw a new rise to prominence – even in the wake of the deaths of Biggie and Tupac.” I am excited to use this article because it is so very specific to my essay. Especially considering how few sources I was expecting to find on the topic. Pinard briefly touches on piracy within Online Hip-Hop culture and I hope to find another article to broaden that area for my essay. I am also considering discussing hyper-masculinity within Hip-Hop (Miss Representation made me think of that). Anyways, excited for the next paper. Get ready for some Hip-Hop Culture!

Pinard, Andre. “Building a Virtual Diaspora: Hip-Hop in Cybersapce.” Ed. Michael D. Ayers. Cybersounds: Essays on Virtual Music Culture. New York: Peter Lang, 2006. Print.


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