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6) Mini Essay

March 5, 2012

If you were to ask me about my essay and what was important to understand Hip-Hop culture as it exists online, if would start you right off the bat with this: the rise of the Internet has revolutionized the face of Hip-Hop and Rap, and brought upon it the dangers of piracy, but also paved the way for egalitarianism and greater creativity within its culture.  Online Music Culture today is greatly similar to Hip-Hop Culture,  it is a culture whose expansion is based off of growth, collaboration, and inclusion. This creates a healthy outlet for fans to discuss their attitudes towards different artifacts. One of the key figures to this movement was pioneer rapper Doug E. Fresh. He once said, “the purpose of Hip-Hop is to uplift, and create, to educate people on a larger level, and to make a change.” Through the rise of Hip-Hop culture online and the decline of racism and exclusion within the genre, Hip-Hop has truly become what Fresh had hoped it to be. One important study would be by Adam Haupt, titled The Technology of Subversion: Hip-Hop to the MP3 Revolution. In this study he discusses the ways in which Hip-Hop flourished online where other genres failed. He talks about the importance of free song and mixtapes offered online, and most importantly, the rise to prominence that Hip-Hop Culture experienced. What was incepted in the 1970’s simply as a new genre of music, Hip-Hop, expanded by means of egalitarianism, creativity, and the forming of an online culture, has become a powerful influence in modern society and in the music industry today.


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