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8) News to Me

March 10, 2012

When asked my opinion on news and media, and what it means to me, I can only reply, “the future, or at least mine.” As someone who would like to go into a marketing or advertising field, I know media and news are highly influential towards consumers. The news can often dictate the marketing industry, and I hope to be able to analyze media  well enough by the end of this class to understand exactly how it effects people. I would say that YES, I for the most part do trust the media. Although stories can be slanted and propaganda can often be subliminal, I believe that generally, the media has good intentions. However, it worries me that advertising is never confined to just the two-minute commercial breaks, and that news can be selling you something. My personal preference in media and news is offline, especially when it comes to sports, crime, or entertainment pieces. It’s too bad Reddit is only online cause that is my number one time consumer when I am on the internet. Throughout the course of this class I have learned how media often affects consumers, especially since I want to go into advertising. I am excited for my upcoming paper as well.

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