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9) Analyzing an Advertisement

March 20, 2012

AdiColor by Adidas

One of the most famous sportswear brands, Adidas tries to bring itself into a lifestyle status in the advertisement featuring rapper B.o.B. The advertisement starts off with a view of a Champs sports store, which is the only store that carries the new AdiColor sneakers, and with B.o.B holding a red Adidas shoe. This is odd because B.o.B is quite famous, although not necessarily iconic as a person, and by placing him in this regular setting instead of a stage or studio, Adidas is beginning this commercial right off the bat by showing how anyone can be involved. It immediately shows a close up of someone’s eye turning cyborg red, the same color as the shoe shown in the beginning. This is shown throughout the advertisement and shows how the brand “changes” the person wearing it. Then the beat drops, and several shots of a music studio are shown in red again and B.o.B starts rapping on a microphone in all red. It then jumps back to the view of him in the store trying on a jacket, then immediately to a view of him wearing the same jacket in a lavish photo shoot, showing how  the Adidas brands fits everywhere. A close up view of an eye is shown again, this time changing to electric blue, which signals a shift in color tone in this advertisement. A view is shown of B.o.B walking out of his blue tour bus, with fans yelling while he walks into a concert backstage. Then it switches back to the Champs store, where he is picking up a bright blue Adidas shoe with neon yellow trim. Then a shot of an eye changing colors to bright neon yellow, and a switch to the concert in which B.o.B is performing. This quick change in scenery, from an everyday sports store found in most American malls, to a brightly lit sold out concert with a successful rapper, shows the applicability that Adidas is trying to push. The final line rapped by B.o.B, says, “East Side on my arm, three stripes on my sneakers, and even if they slippers, they better be Adidas.” Not only does this push his “street cred” as a rapper, this wraps up the commercial by saying that everything that B.o.B is wearing is Adidas. By using a famous rapper, bright color changes, well placed brand views, and different locations within this commercial, Adidas shows the versatility of their brand and creates a memorable advertisement for future and current customers.

By Adidas


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