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10) Analyzing a Song

March 22, 2012

“505” by The Arctic Monkeys

For our next paper, I will be analyzing an album trilogy, so today’s blog will be excellent practice for that. The song 505, from the album Favourite Worst Nightmare by the Arctic Monkeys has quite frankly been my favorite song since I started avidly listening to music. It is both very meaningful and complex, and the shifts in sounds really highlight the tone. The muted organ-like instrument playing for the first 45 seconds immediately lets the listener know that this is a sad song, with its long drawn out notes and its slow progression. It starts with the chorus, “I’m going back to 505, if it’s a seven hour flight or a forty-five minute drive. In my imagination you’re waiting lying on your side, with your hands between your thighs.” The strong British accent mixes well the the quiet electric guitar strumming that fades in, and right around the 45 second mark, the percussion starts playing. The next few verses make it clear that the singer is addressing a woman; “My darling what did you expect? I’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck.” This line sets the tone immediately for the song, and shows how much the singer wishes for things to go back to how they were, regardless of how negative it could have been. The next few lines talk about how the singer made some kind of bad decision and his regrets about that, and how the couple met. After the second chorus, there is a pause and only the percussion and electric guitar play, seemingly slowing down. Then suddenly, the singer, whose voice was quiet and muted before, yells emotionally “But I crumble completely when you cry” and the drums crash and a new guitar riff explodes in. This immediate display of emotion is highlighted by the next line, “it seems like once again you’ve had to greet me with goodbye.” The song finishes with the singer yelling and nearly crying through the final chorus, wishing for a chance to go back to where he used to be. Using strong tones and emphasis on lyrics, the Arctic Monkeys create a sad song that really displays their broad range of talents and understanding of emotion through music.

By The Arctic Monkeys



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