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12) Once Upon A Silent TV Show

April 1, 2012

Personally, television shows are not my thing. Sure, I will occasionally follow a show or two but that only when I am not working on a painting and only online. So when we analyzed the show Once Upon A Time, both with audio and without, I kept a keen eye for two hours straight through the episode we were shown. I think one of the standout differences  for me personally was my attention to setting when there was no dialogue. The rainy and dark scenes were created quite well, and often when there was dialogue, I did not notice it as much. For example, the scene in the dungeon was extremely evident in its terror, but when the characters were talking, the scenery became less than peripheral. Another thing I noticed was my attitude towards some of the characters. For example, the young boy with the book seem much more frail and helpless when he was talking, but his body language whenever there was not dialogue implied that he always knew what he was doing and never seemed hesitant. I do not think I would continue to watch this show, as I usually prefer horror or thriller television shows, but analyzing this episode sans audio and comparing it to the actual version was an interesting exercise. I will definitely be looking in the background of films and movies from now on.


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