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13) Analyzing My Artifact

April 11, 2012

For my next paper, I will be analyzing the Echoes of Silence album trilogy by the Toronto singer, The Weeknd. I am choosing this as my artifact because these three albums were all released in a single year, and really highlight the artist’s growth and changes over time. These alternative R&B albums include House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence. I will be dissecting the various sounds he creates throughout the trilogy, as well as his changing choice of music and instruments for each album. I am a fan of The Weeknd because he creates a very dark and emotional sound to his songs, which can vary from a drug-laced trance-like party anthem, to a thundering Adele-like piano-driven ballad. His debut album, House of Balloons is by far his most critically acclaimed work. In a genre stuck in a rut, The Weeknd broke through the mediocrity of post-2000’s R&B and created a masterpiece that won several Album of the Year awards from various music sites. Thursday,  his second album released five months after his first, really signified that The Weeknd was creating a different sound for every part of the trilogy, and this albumreally highlighted his ability to include emotion and love into his songs.

Finally, Echoes of Silnence,  which completed the trilogy, showcased his ability to sing darker slower and sadder songs, as well as illustrated the connection between all the albums. The versatility of this artist and the complexity of the Echoes of Silence album trilogy are very interesting and I am extremely excited to analyze this in my next paper.


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