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14) Glass Works

May 1, 2012

Today we watched the 2003 film, Shattered Glass, starring Anakin Skywalker (also known as Hayden Christensen). It begins captivating me immediately, and I am already interested to find out what it going to happen. The story is complex but also easy to understand, and I like the pace at which the action progresses. It was quite interesting to see how well Glass fooled everyone into believing the lies he told and the stories he made up. Also, I found it ironic how much he scrutinized other writers on their facts and sources when it came up. It was painful to watch as he gets closer and closer to being caught, and reminded me of the times I got caught lying to my mother as a child. It was much easier to see Hayden Christensen fall to the Dark Side in Star Wars, than see him get caught like a little bitch in this film. This is one of those films that makes me squirm in my seat, mentally begging for him to just say sorry and get fired. The entire time I am thinking “Please just admit that you’re lying. PLEASE.” haha I am dying now. This movie is making me extremely uncomfortable now. Anyways, as the film concludes, I think about my own experiences with lying and how awfully they turn out. I think about the various media frauds that have surfaces over the last decade, and I wonder how the writers who faked it dealt with their shame. The morality of journalism is something I have not previously considered, and it is painful to see someone lie their way to fame and then be shot to the ground when they are found out. My favorite line of the film: “They are ALL real people.”


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