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15) The New Perspective

May 10, 2012

Perhaps the single greatest change to my perspective on media over the course of this class has been that I have become increasingly resistant to advertising. This is probably a good thing though, considering I would like to go into the marketing field, and being a victim of it would make me an inferior employee. I have learned a lot in this class, and have enjoyed the various ways in which we analyzed media within our culture. Instead of just taking a television show at face value, I now notice subliminal messages and themes within various shows, and now catch product placement more frequently. It is quite fun to point out hidden brand names in movies and television shows to my parents and friends. I also have become more understanding of prejudice within news and media, and I have began to pull my support from several media outlets due to this. Especially, the entire Fox network. I have become more critical of presidential candidates this year because of this class, and I know that this will pay off in November. I had fun in class and I know the skills I learned will be useful throughout my career, and throughout my life. Hope you all enjoyed my blog this semester! Goodbye. -David DeAndrea


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